Secret Menu

She tells me that this restaurant has a secret menu
of unofficial and unadvertised selections.
She learned about it by word of mouth.
Why a secret? I ask.
They are variations on menu items,
but everyone loves a secret.
And everyone loves getting in on a secret.

Do we all love a secret?
Family secrets are harmful.
I never loved getting in on family secrets.
It always hurt.
I preferred things being on the menu,
explained, illustrated, consistent.

But these secret things on my plate
are somewhat familiar.
Comforting food and secrets.
We smile with the amuse-bouche.
The meat confit.
The vegetable chiffonade.

Even in an emulsion, family secrets don’t blend.
Oil and vinegar. Water and fat. Lies and truth.

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Published by Pamela Milne

teacher, writer, gentle soul, probably living North of you

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